The Best Possible Music Venue – What Do You Need?

The music venue is the platform for the act and is always going to play second fiddle to the quality of the music that is presented. It’s also not as important as the community spirit generated by the organisation responsible.

However, a music venue must provide a number of important attributes in order to contribute to generating that all important atmosphere. A music venue will only ever suit a few specific genres of music (take the Royal Albert Hall against the 100 Club on Oxford Street), so when it comes to having the perfect music venue, you need to be considering who you expect to be playing at this venue most often. Here are some of the specific qualities the very best music venues possess…


Despite the need for a specific target audience, flexibility at any venue will benefit the success and reputation of your venue. There should be the option of opening up the dance floor for a more “club” related setting if bands are your main priority. You could even have chairs folded and stored away in case a theatre a setting is required. You will be able to achieve what many have dreamt of and build a music venue for all styles and audiences. Many recommend a hybrid seating-standing space so that audience members can be seated or stand throughout the gig.

Best Possible Sound

The key to a great sound in any music venue is a strategic approach that incorporates a top quality sound system and the most talented sound engineers around who have plenty of experience working on sound quality within the space provided. Any box room can be made to sound good thanks to the technology and experience on offer these days. It’s important to realise that the best sounding room is not down to function and physical properties as much as it is strategy.

A Warm Welcome

Audiences are often given the impression by venues that they are being treated like ants; filed in one after the other with very little in the way of sympathy for losing their place in the queue, getting trodden on etc. However, the best music venues make those who have showed the commitment to show up feel as welcome as possible. The warm and welcoming vibe is absolutely essential in any music venue and you can create this by decorating the entrance hallways appropriately, hiring staff who have just as much appreciation for the music as those around them and creating that genuine, music-orientated atmosphere that people are going to remember.


It seems impossible for venues these days to maintain clean toilet etiquette, with all sorts of unpleasant aspects associated with them. Ensuring that your audience has enough space to navigate to and from the toilets is essential to prevent that unhealthy claustrophobic atmosphere, while having appropriate space and facilities to prevent agonising queues for both men and women is an absolute must.

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