The Boat That Guy Finished

So the excellent series of The Boat That Guy Built has come to an end (you can see the last episode on iPlayer here) and with a shiny new blue boat Guy and Mave have come a long way in fitting out their tatty old narrowboat into a perfect celebration of the British Empire during the Industrial Revolution.

When I first wrote about this show here I thought it would be a nice little series that introduced the world to a very likeable biker and from reading through the comments people have left on their it seems for the most part everyone agrees with me. Apart from a few people complaining about not knowing what the heavily accented guy was going on about a lot of the time, I haven’t really heard anything bad about the series. This is a very good thing because hopefully the BBC got the ratings needed to commission a second series and at the end of the show Guy even said himself: “how about a train next time”

This is my call for the BBC to make sure Guy and Mave are back on our screens soon and hopefully this time in something with a locomotive taste to it!

So what were your favourite parts from the series then readers? I have to say I was in stitches last night watching the boys try their hand at some baking, I’ve never seen anyone try to whisk an egg so unsuccessfully before!

Anyway I’ll leave you with this parting shot of Guy and Mave chilling out on their boat in the snow after their succesful boat launch party.


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  1. Chris Elliott
    08. Apr, 2011 at 9:47 pm #

    At Silverdale Glen near Ballasalla in the Isle of Man there is a old Water Wheel and Mill that the people there want to take a drive off to power a refridgeration plant for their Ice Cream making set up. Now that would be a Boss Heath Robinson lark for a Top Larker! And a possibly a fitting follow up to The Boat that Guy Built … what about it Beeb now that Guy appears to have given up his nuclear idea, especially after the pre-mature blast furnace and pot episode, wouldn’t what that happening with a reactor and suddenly finding there was a whole new cast for a Doctor Who episode. :( If not what about a Train. York Railway Musuem must have a legend thats needs some TLC.
    I have a contact for Silverdale Water Wheel in the IoM if you email me. Great show Thank You BBC! Long may you reign just as you are, properly funded. Chris Elliott

  2. colin
    09. Apr, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    brill program all of it was good and interesting, bbc must stay with guy, he is just as you see him. I know him from the TT races as i do the signal boards for him, watch outthis yr , top step at TT this yr.

  3. Boakesey
    11. Apr, 2011 at 10:24 am #

    Looks like we’re all Manxies on here, but I’m sure our friends across the water loved this show just as much as we did. (I know of Guy by being a TT marshal & photographer.)

    Anyway, I hope the boys do a second series and think Silverdale Water Wheel or similar would be great, as indeed would a steam engine or roller. I can also see the boys having lots of fun with a traditional Romany caravan – imagine them trying to look after a horse, for goodness sake!

    I hope the series gets released on DVD too as there’s only a few days left to watch it on iPlayer and I’m in danger of getting withdrawal symptoms without my daily fix. TBTGB should be available on prescription to everyone who needs a chuckle and a bit of a lift – it’s cracking, chief!

  4. Matt S
    09. May, 2011 at 12:14 pm #

    Guy and Mavis need to be back on our screen, the most reffreshing thing on TV for years, decent knowledge base, amusing and likeable presenting, excellent moral and ethical standpoint (as most bikers have actually) and a fun watchable program, more please BBC much more.

  5. andy and robot
    28. May, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

    boat that Guy built was a great series me and my nephew watched it together it’s the first educational program i’ve managed to get him intrested in and i think it’s Guy’s inthusiasm for the subject that makes the show so i really hope the beeb give him another show.

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