Hosting a Successful Business Conference

Business conferences are often judged on the reaction of the audience and how they would interpret their experience. It’s difficult to say that a business conference was successful when very few people are still talking about it days afterwards.

For this reason, business conferences are often split into two different categories; one being those that aren’t talked about and the other being those that persuade the audience to look forward to the next one.

By following the tips provided below you will have no problem successfully organising and structuring your upcoming business conference so that it both reflects the ambition of your company and has your audience thoroughly interested in what you have to offer.

Take Advantage of Technology

Technology can be used for various aspects of your conference, from spicing up presentations to incorporating those who could not travel the long distance. Gone are the days where you had to travel many miles to meet people, so it would be naive to ignore such a beneficial form of technology.

You could use both video and audio technology to hear what people have to say and visually see their response to business ideas etc. It’s also a great way of cutting costs for your conference.

Face-to-Face Meetings

Online conferences are highly efficient and have worked wonders over the last few years as far as staying in touch is concerned but this cannot undermine the importance of meeting face-to-face and the impact this has on any business conference.

Everything from personal meetings to events plays a huge role in the success of your conference, so try and prioritise these kinds of meetings in future.

Utilise Help from Your Suppliers

Suppliers are the perfect sidekick when it comes to business conferences. They can use their expertise to assist you in enhancing the effectiveness of your conference.

You should ultimately find a way to discreetly integrate them into your conference as you don’t want sales pitches sending the audience to sleep. Having them play a role in your conference could be exactly what you need to reach that all important next level.

Come Up With a Budget that’s Reasonable

There are many different ways the budget of a conference can be interpreted by your audience. They may be put off by the idea of a conference that uses a small budget as this would indicate that you were either not fully committed or in financial trouble.

On the other hand, attendees might be eager to find out why your conference is so extravagant and why they aren’t benefitting from such a lucrative company. It’s important to find the halfway point here and take full advantage of a reasonable budget that gives you room to compromise.

Get Someone In As a Guest

A speaker should ideally be someone who isn’t associated with your company but will bring about more attention from potential attendees and your audience. Do your very best to come up with a celebrity speaker that would welcome the opportunity to assist you at your conference, although in most cases it will depend on your budget.

However, don’t just pick any random person to act as a guest as this won’t have the desired effect you’re looking for on the audience and will ultimately cost you money.

Choose an Appropriate Venue

The venue is a major part of the organisation process and will require plenty of research and planning. You need to think about numerous things such as the requirements of your attendees, disabled accessibility, parking options, nearby transport, hotels and more. You also need to choose somewhere that is going to appeal to those visiting and not somewhere that looks old or run down.

The vast majority of your budget should be focused on your venue, as a truly mesmerising location will really enhance the importance of your meeting. Make sure you talk to your chosen venue and discuss the technology available what they have to offer.

Activities Outside of the Conference

Conferences tend not to last as long as you’d expect them to, usually because people need to take breaks every now and then or need some time to recollect their thoughts.

The best way to encourage a light-hearted and enjoyable conference is to have other activities available for your attendees to enjoy outside of the conference room, such as a drinks bar, pool tables etc. You’ll need some downtime during the event, so you could do anything from a quick drinks break to a large-scale dinner.

So there you have it; seven essential tips for you to follow that will ultimately lead to a much more successful business conference. Remember to put the requirements of your attendees first at all times and plan your event around what you’d expect to see at a successful conference. The fundamental goal is to have people talking positively about your conference and eager to revisit at some stage in the future

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with London-based FREE venue sourcing service Function Fixers, who were consulted over the information in this post.