On The Trail Of Robin Hood

If there is one thing for which Nottingham is famous the world over it’s the tales of Robin Hood, but just how much of this legendary character and his story can actually be found in the city. The story is rich in imagery based around Nottingham Castle and depths of Sherwood Forest but what Hood related attractions are there for the interested tourist to see in this Midlands city.

Sherwood Visitors Centre forms the central attraction of the famed wooded hideout of Robin Hood. Here tourists can see an exhibition detailing the natural wonders of the landscape and have the woodland life of Hood brought to life. The centre is also near the massive old oak that is said to be the tree where Robin Hood lived.

The Sheriffs Lodge:- Is the recreation of a 12th century hall where you can sit down and enjoy the fun and excitement of a themed Medieval banquet with serving wenches, travelling minstrels and jesters. The entertainment continues after the feasting with jousting, sword fights and dancing.

Nottingham Castle:- Although not the Medieval fortifications but a ducal mansion constructed on the site of the original castle. It houses a great collection of art and archaeological finds from the area and also has a series of carefully manicured gardens.

Galleries of Justice:- Travel deep into the heart of Nottingham’s old courthouse and jail, experiencing the trials and tortures dished out to criminals through time. The dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham hosts tours of the center and there is a Robin Hood themed café bar where you can enjoy a drink and a snack. The venue also holds Medieval banquets and themed weddings.

Robin Hood Statue in Castle Road is one of the city’s most visited attractions by enthusiasts. Standing over 7’ tall it’s one of the iconic images of the city and a great photo opportunity to remind you of your visit. While visiting the statue you may consider popping into Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem and take refreshments in England’s oldest inn

Archery:- In the depths of Sherwood Forest you can try your hand at using an English longbow in this most evocative of destinations. For anyone who loves the story of Robin Hood and the Medieval lifestyle then this is a truly magical experience.

Falconry:- Down the centuries, kings and lords would have carried out this spectacular skill and you too can experience the art of falconry as carried out during the Medieval period. The course includes demonstrations, exhibitions and a chance to handle these beautiful birds of prey yourself.

Staying in Nottingham

If you are looking for a hideout during your stay in Robin Hood country then look no further than the Park Inn Hotel by Radisson. This captivating hotel in Nottingham’s city centre has 172 well-equipped modern rooms. Visitors have access to the delightful menu in the RBG Bar & Grill and there is a range of health and fitness options for the keep fit enthusiasts or those who just fancy a morning swim.


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