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Summer Concerts in Marbella – Starlite Festival 2015

The Spanish coast will be welcoming numerous famous guests this summer for the premier music and dance festival that is Starlite in Marbella. The fabulous festival lasts for a month and includes a programme filled with huge concerts, parties, shows and premieres. The list of famous names appearing throughout the month has grown considerably over the last few months, with some monumental names preparing to take to the stage between July 18th and August 22nd.

A History of Starlite

Starlite is famous for attracting festival-goers from all over Europe to an event defined by culture and community. Hosted at Marbella’s quarry, a natural open-air amphitheatre, Starlite provides us with a complete cultural programme for one month every year.


The stars that regularly make an appearance each year embrace the warm social atmosphere and regularly mingle among the audience for drinks, food and the unique experience in general.

Starlite is famous for its musical performances and for playing host to some of the industry’s most iconic figures, including Tom Jones, Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Adams, Julio Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Tony Bennet, Malu and Alejandro Fernandez. Alongside these huge names, Starlite is considered a major ambassador of what Spain has to offer to its tourists.

Starlite was founded over thirty years ago by three visionaries, Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe, Julio Iglesias and Placido Domingo. They were eager to create a music festival that would be internationally recognised for its contribution to both music and community spirit. The festival was set up in Marbella’s quarry and celebrated from 1983, year upon year.

Who’s Performing?

The considerable array of start performers appearing in Marbella this summer include Lionel Richie, Lenny Kravitz and Andrea Bocelli. Lenny Kravitz is one of the biggest names in rock music, while he’s also made a name for himself as an aspiring actor having appeared in a handful of films and productions. Lionel Richie is one of the best-selling musicians of all time and is probably most famously known for the line “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” Andrea Bocelli never fails to provide spine tingling performances wherever he goes, with the tones of this world-famous opera star set to take to the stage at Starlite once more.

The music has always played a huge part at Starlite festival, but it’s important we don’t forget, alongside these wonderful musicians and beautiful melodies, the social attractions and communal spirit that is ever-present. The Starlite Lounge is open between 8pm and 6am and makes for the perfect place to mingle with fellow festival-goers. It also plays host to various fashions shows, performances, art exhibitions and restaurants. At the stroke of midnight, the Lounge transforms into the idyllic festival atmosphere with parties, DJ’s and soirees all taking centre stage.

Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas will be making an appearance to host the famous Starlite Gala. Banderas is one of Malaga’s famous sons and continues to work immensely hard to help local charities gain more recognition. This year, with the help of Antonio Banderas, the Gala will look to raise money for disadvantaged families and communities.

What Next?

If you’re captivated by the prospect of visiting one of Marbella’s most memorable summer festivals, you can found out all you need to know about tickets and travel on the official Starlite website. Tickets are sold independently so you can choose which acts you’d like to see. Remember that the biggest names will sell out fast, so don’t hesitate in getting your hands on tickets to this wonderful summer event.

Article provided by Marbella’s largest real estate agent, Panorama Properties.

Modern libraries encourage Children to read

Getting children interested in reading can be an easy job or a hard job depending on the child and the chosen literature. While it is important to read to children from a very young age to improve their literacy and verbal skills, some children seem to lose an interest in books after a certain age and this can make it awkward for study periods or parts of school where reading is an essential skill.


While many children can read, considerably less consider reading to be an enjoyable activity. Reading is a fantastic, quiet and calming way to pass the time for all ages and it can capture the imagination and increase vocabulary in ways that watching television or simply speaking to others may not. By encouraging solo reading from a young age, you open up language opportunities that might otherwise be missed from just watching TVs or socialising with other children.

However to a child, many libraries don’t exactly look like very exciting places to be, even if you’re going to spend most of the time there engrossed in a book. Part of what makes play areas, theme parks and areas like cinemas and bowling alleys so attractive to children is the colourful and bright atmosphere that seems so welcoming. Libraries are built for peace and quiet and often have muted colours to help people collapse more readily into the books fantasy or factional world. In order to encourage children to start going to libraries of their own, you need to entice them with things that are of interest to them.

Bright, colourful furniture

Children love colours, the brighter the better. While this may not necessarily be the best atmosphere for adult literature, creating a bright and exciting environment including brightly coloured furniture will appeal to a child’s imagination and their sense of wonder, making them more eager about going to the library.

Themed libraries are a great way of engaging a child’s imagination, whether it is a space theme, a jungle theme or even a Wild West theme. Children love the idea of sitting in the midst of all the action, so why not create homework desks that look like old cowboy wagons, or have a big painted jungle snake wiggle its way around the entire room? Colours and scenes will inspire children, help them pick out books they like and perhaps even start to make their own stories.

Large and clearly labelled signs

If your children want to become a little more independent while at the library, it is important to make sure signs are large and clearly labelled with the different sections on them. Picture hints might be a good idea as well, for the younger ‘readers’. As a child, it can be frustrating to be in an unfamiliar place with no way of finding out where you want to go or what you are looking for, so clearly labelled signs are always helpful.

Free Wi-Fi/A Wi-Fi section

While reading is essential, it is also important to be able to cater to the needs of the modern day. Free Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspots are essential in the renovation of a children’s library, as a place for study is not only for books and reading. Study can easily be done while on a computer or a mobile device and it is fairly simple to set up a block to certain sites to ensure that the Wi-Fi is not misused.

Comfortable Reading Areas

Bean bags, comfortable arm chairs or even long sofas are a great addition to any library. Bean bags are a flexible choice as you can bundle them together for a study group, or move one to one side to read alone. While plastic chairs have their merit for homework sections of the library, you want to create an environment where children feel safe settling down with a good book for an hour or two of quiet reading. For this, comfortable chairs and a well-established reading area is essential.

Whether you simply decide to renovate one corner of the library to make it more comfortable for children, or you are planning on a full scale renovation project of the school library or the children’s library of your town, make sure you tailor it to meet the needs of your target audience. After all, the children are the future!

Article provided by Mike at Sussex based Whiteleys Office Furniture.

Amazing Engineering Feats in the UK

British engineering is something amazing to behold. As one of the old world powers and still a country with a lot of remaining influence on the rest of the modern world, British engineering has donated a lot to the progression of modern engineering that we see today. From the very first steam engines to huge power plants, you can see a number of British engineering designs all around the world.

Whether you’re interested in important placeholders of British history, or you really love getting into the minds of the traditional British engineers, we have with UK engineering company Southern United at the top ten engineering feats of Great Britain of old.

The Thrust SSC: The Fastest Car in the World

In 1997 a car managed to break the sound barrier. This car was the Thrust SSC otherwise known as the Thrust Super Sonic Car, the fastest car built in the world. It currently holds the land speed record, where it achieved a speed of 763mph, becoming the first car to bread the sound barrier. It is currently housed at The Coventry Transport Museum in Coventry.

Thrust SSC

The World’s Largest Bell Foundry

Located in Loughborough, Taylor’s Bell Foundry is the world’s largest currently working bell foundry. The bell foundry manufactures bells to be used in clock towers, chimes, change ringing peals and carillons. The foundry also has a museum of bells and bellfounding, the only one of its kind within the UK.

The Anderton Boat Lift

Standing at three storeys high and built in 1875, the Anderton Boat Lift was designed to lift boats 50 feet from the River Weaver to the Trent & Mersey Canal. The lift worked fully until 1983, when some deterioration was discovered and repaired in 2003. The lift is still in working order to this day.

The World’s first all Big Gun Battleship; Dreadnought

First launched in 1906, the Royal Navy’s Dreadnought was the first of what would eventually come to be one of the predominant types of battleship used in combat and for defence for most of the early 20th Century. With an ‘all-big-gun’ armament scheme and steam turbine propulsion, it was a revolutionary battleship with features never before seen, that renewed the naval arms race between Germany and the UK.

Puffing Billy: The Oldest Steam Locomotive

Built in 1813-1814, Puffing Billy was used to haul coal chaldron wagons from the Wylam mine to the Lemington-on-Tyne docks located in Northumberland. It remained operational until 1862, where it was retired and then put on display in the Patent Office Museum in South Kensington. Two replicas of the Puffing Billy have since bin built and can be found at the Beamish Museum in the North of England and the German Museum in Munich

The Channel Tunnel

Who could forget the channel tunnel? At 31.4miles, with 23.5miles running underwater, the tunnel has the longest undersea portion of any tunnel worldwide. Construction on the ‘chunnel’ began in 1988 and concluded in 1994, opening to the public shortly after. As part of European Heritage, in 2014 the Channel Tunnel was open for a set amount of 90 minute tours to learn more about the construction and the history of the tunnel.


The Derby Turning Shed

The oldest turning shed in the world, the Derby Roundhouse was build in 1839 and holds the Guinness World Record for the oldest surviving railway roundhouse in the world. A tour is available for those who would like to know more about the unique history of the roundhouse.

The Falkirk Wheel

Another historical boat lift, this time located in Scotland; the Falkirk Wheel was essential in restoring mobility throughout Scotland. It is the world’s first and only rotating boat lift, constructed in 2002 and was marked by Her Majesty The Queen.

The London Underground

A fantastic feat of engineering that many of us use day to day, but hardly even think about. The London Underground system was first built in 1890 as the City and South London Railway line and has since grown to a whopping 250miles of track with 270 stations to date.

The World’s First Passenger Train

Built in 1830, the Liverpool & Manchester Railway was initially used to transport goods between the port of Liverpool and Manchester, the huge industrial powerhouse, but was adapted to transport people and eventually came to revolutionise how we think of transport today. The train is currently located in the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

With such a huge choice of engineering wonders to choose from, which one will you attempt to visit first? Some of these feats of British engineering can only be truly appreciated up close and personal, whereas others are a testament to the minds of its generation. Like the presence of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, we can only hope that these fantastic feats of engineering will be enjoyed by generation after generation.

Compete with Glastonbury – arranging a music event

Arranging a music event can be great fun but it can also be quite stressful. With a huge number of things to remember, often you might feel run off your feet having to deal with questions, complaints, requests from performers and partygoers, communication between the venue managers and other such stressful exchanges. However if you manage to pull off a successful music event, it can be extremely satisfying and the rewards certainly outweigh the stresses.

A successful music event can bring in a lot of money, whether you’re working for a charity, for a company or as a solo organiser. They bring revenue and publicity to the performers and the event itself and if attendees have a good time, they will be more likely to recommend your event to other music fans, if you were to organise another performance.

When planning and organising such an event, there are a number of hugely detailed checklists online, which cover in detail, what you need to arrange in preparation for the big day or weekend. Here, UK luxury toilet and shower hire company Serviced Events have put together just a small comprehensive checklist of a few things you’ll want to make sure you’ve got sorted in time for the event.

Ticketing System

Whether it is a free event or a paid for event, unless you’re planning on opening the event to everyone who happens to be walking by, you will need some sort of ticketing system. A ticketing or wristband system will allow your security staff and other staff members to recognise event goers and thus will be able to keep a closer eye on them than on non-attendees.

A ticket system is also a great way of recording your event success through number of attendees. You can easily count the number of tickets sold or collected in order to gauge a rough idea of numbers, which could prove extremely useful for organising future events.

Refreshments and Food

Whether it is soft drinks, ice cream or hot dogs, every music event needs to provide refreshments. Refreshments are an essential part of any good music event as they add to the atmosphere and bring more money in from attendees. Make sure you also provide lots of bottled water or at least make it available for sale at the stalls, otherwise you may get some dehydration cases on your hands.

Toilets (and Showers for Weekend Events)

Portable toilets are a must. Event attendees get a pretty bad rap for hygiene but make sure you have the facilities and most people will use them with respect. There are a number of portable toilets and showers available for hire so do your research before deciding on a brand. Portable showers are a great idea for events occurring across several days or weekend events where attendees may be staying in tents or caravans.

Concrete Barriers to Protect the Performers

Your performers are a top priority, whether they’re the warm-up act or the headliners, so it is important to keep them safe. By investing in concrete barriers you keep a visible distance between the festival goers and the performers which keeps them a safe distance from each other. Attendees can still get relatively close to their idols but they aren’t a danger to them. It is the best of both worlds!

Whether you have big plans for a huge crazy party at this festival, or you’d like to keep everything organised and civil, it is important to look after your attendees as they are the ones who are supposed to be getting the most out of your event. However it is also crucial to make sure that your performers are well looked after and kept safe, otherwise it is not likely that you will be able to plan many future music events if you cannot guarantee the safety of your musicians!

Fans of bands and singers can get manic when up close and personal with the stars, so it is better to make sure that they remain a safe distance away just to be sure. If you can arrange a meet and greet or a signing for VIP fans, it will be better off than leaving your performers without adequate protection as the safety of all is imperative. Have fun and remember, it is better to be safe rather than sorry!